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   The introduction of the purchase of rhodium today, the sharing of the quotation of the factory manager, or the sediment, which ultimately leads to the deterioration or change of the quality of the product gold, can be removed by the centrifuge. The continuous operation through the mixing settler after centrifugation is washed with dilute hydrochloric acid solution. Scrubbing removes impurities such as traces extracted into it. The washed product is sent to the gold reduction tank after the impurities are removed by the centrifuge. The washed solution is used as washing water and dilution water in the chloride leaching step. Since the gold is dissolved in the water phase after the gold is extracted, it is distilled off together with the water in the distillation tank. The removed gold extract is sent to the reduction step using sulfurous acid gas. The separation by distillation is repeated to the gold extraction step. In the gold reduction tank, the gold is directly reduced by mixing the oxalic acid aqueous solution and mixing. The reaction formula is as follows: The leaching solution after copper removal is immersed in the detellurium tank with copper plates and copper powder. The sulfuric acid concentration temperature and the reaction time are about hours to precipitate copper telluride. The copper deposit residue is repulped with hydrochloric acid and then sent to the chloride leaching tank. The chlorination leaching reaction is carried out by gradually adding hydrogen peroxide.

   Cooling is performed to bring the reaction temperature to the maximum. After leaching with chloride, the solid is separated into solid and liquid through a filter press. Repulp the solid mainly composed of rhodium gold with water, and then send it to the UK reduction step of rhodium, and then send the solution to the factory equipped with cooling equipment. The gold extraction step is performed in the set acid concentration adjustment tank. The leaching rate of the purchase of Canadian rhodium chloride is as follows: The silver and lead-containing chlorides retreated with water are reduced with iron powder. The amount of iron powder used is twice the equivalent, and the liquid temperature is above when the iron is dissolved by the residual hydrochloric acid and generates heat. The concentration of hydrochloric acid is about molar, and the reaction time is about hours. However, it takes about hours to suppress the boiling caused by the heat of iron dissolution, and the reduction rate can reach above. The obtained reduced silver is effectively oxidized, and impurities such as lead are removed in a dry oxidation furnace. Lead and unreacted iron of the reducing agent attached to the rhodium are separated as slag, and the attached precious metal rhodium is separated. It is concentrated into silver to obtain crude silver and electrolytically refined to obtain the above high-purity silver products, namely the respective intermediate composition and product silver composition of cast silver. The steps are displayed again. It shows that the present invention has successfully established an effective method of how much silver is recovered per gram by combining wet and dry methods. Since this method does not cause the problem of co-precipitation of rhodium gold and lead chloride, it is convenient to perform the operation of the rhodium gold refining process. When obtaining high-purity silver through wet refining, it is necessary to avoid contamination by impurities such as lead as much as possible.

  For this purpose, strict operation and control are required, such as temperature control in the rhodium production process, bird rhodium and the equipment becomes complicated. However, due to the current Qitaihe rhodium recycling price how much is a gram of manufacturers. The invented method of how much silver is recovered per gram does not cause the problem of co-precipitation of lead, so the operation method is greatly simplified. The purchase of British platinum can be converted by using iron powder as a dechlorination agent, which can reduce silver and lead at the same time. This is due to the fact that by introducing the dry oxidation step into the treatment of the rhodium gold obtained in the silver refining step, the mixed raw material of lead and silver can be easily processed. We focus on iron as the original agent of rhodium, because in addition to the direct desalination reaction with iron, we believe that the hydrogen produced by the reaction between iron and acidic solution also effectively promotes the reaction. In the traditional process, the dechlorination process is carried out in two stages of lead and silver, but the present invention can carry out all dechlorination in one stage, which greatly simplifies the process, not only reduces equipment costs, but also reduces operating costs . The cost is greatly reduced. The dry oxidizer effectively oxidizes and removes impurities such as lead, separates the lead accompanying rhodium gold and the unreacted iron of the reducing agent into slag, and concentrates the accompanying precious metal rhodium into silver, and removes the crude silver and electrolytically refines it. In this way, not only high-purity silver but also other precious metal rhodium can be concentrated, separated and recovered. In addition, since the amount of platinum base as an impurity in electrolytic refining is extremely small, the silver quality is stable. Because it does not use ammonia for the production of rhodium in Qitaihe like the existing technology. Silver, therefore, there are no problems such as the production of silver nitride and composite ions in the wastewater treatment process, and it has a great impact on safety and the environment. The figure shows a process flow diagram taking the rhodium coin of the present invention as an example. The figure shows the process flow diagram of the conventional method. Domestic Invention Field The present invention relates to a method for recovering metal rhodium from copper electrolytic deposits and industrial waste containing at least silver and lead, more specifically

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