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The article introduces the price of rhodium scrap and the technology of cost refining of precious metal rhodium scrap. Dingfeng Precious Metal Cost Company has been engaged in precious metal cost smelting for more than 10 years, with excellent technology, complete equipment and a wide variety of costs. Especially good at refining rhodium-containing iridium waste, rhodium waste processing, and rhodium waste purification. If there is an opportunity for cooperation, our company will quote on the spot. What is the cost of rhodium? We don't miss every opportunity to work with you to create wealth with you. Technical Field The present invention relates to a method for processing high-cost copper slag micro-powder precious metals, and belongs to the technical field of expensive gold mine costs. The electrolysis plant uses a reverberatory furnace to melt. If the rhodium waste content in the scum silicon frost is high, there will be a high gold content and rhodium waste content in the frosted sand. The price of Johnson Matthey PGM is because the technology of blister copper is usually not refined by plumb manufacturing companies. Therefore, the price of palladium can only sell the matte surface, and the higher content of gold and rhodium scrap in the matte surface is because of the loss of sales, which causes the company's profit to be discounted.

   SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is the above-mentioned shortcomings of the prior art, and a solution is proposed. The copper-rich slag treatment method frosts the precious metals to reduce the content of gold and rhodium scraps in the frosting, so that the precious metals enter the lead ingot and undergo electrolysis again to ensure that the enterprise fully costs the precious metals. What is the cost of rhodium? The present invention adopts the following measures to achieve: a copper slag frosted precious metal with rich processing method cost. When the copper slag is melted in the reverberatory furnace, soda ash is added first, so that the retail of copper slag becomes dull And lead gold; remove the surface slag; then through the vertical opening at the end of the reverberatory furnace, release most of the higher lead ingots used for rhodium scrap; leaving lead at the bottom of a price platform can prevent smoothies from being at the bottom of the furnace Condensation; then refining the lead slag refining slag with high-lead slag and low-rhodium waste, the higher-grade lead slag oxidation refining slag produced by the research institute, and then adding soda ash, fine coal, and iron filings for retail; due to the oxidation refining of lead The rhodium scrap quality of the slag is very low, so the output of lead gold and rhodium scrap content is greatly reduced; this low-color rhodium scrap lead strip is taken away a large amount of gold and rhodium scrap, and enters the final lead of the sinking observation, precious metals Alternate rebalancing, so that the matte surface contains gold and rhodium scrap precious metals and greatly reduced;

   the PGM price and rhodium scrap precious metals are electrolyzed through lead at the end. The invention adopts the design optimization technology and adopts the lead refining slag with high-lead slag added to the main part of the slag and the terminal lead after release of the lead refining slag when the copper slag silica frost is melted. The low rhodium scrap is melted again. During precipitation, the precious metal is taken away by the lead strip of low rhodium scrap color and enters the end lead. The precious metal is alternately rebalanced, so that the gold and rhodium scraps in the smoothie are electrolyzed again through the end lead to achieve the goal. The process principle of the invention is simple, easy to operate, and greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. Compared with the prior art, the rhodium price process of the present invention has the following characteristics: 1) It is carried out on the basis of the original technology and the operation is simple. , There is no need to change major reforming equipment and processes; 2) Various kinds of scum, silica, frost, rhodium waste and other materials with high gold prices and high sulfur have been abolished; 3) Low cost, using primary needs The lead refining slag melted in the copper slag slag reverberatory furnace is operated, and the auxiliary materials are not added significantly to fall; 4) Because the lead refining slag has a low content of rhodium waste, it can walk through precious metals well. The examples further describe specific examples of the present invention, but do not limit the present invention. Example: A method for processing surplus copper scum dross. The following measures are taken to implement the metal: firstly, it is melted by copper slag, and then soda ash is added at retail to make it dull, so that the gold bar can ooze out; then finally pass the lead The vertical opening releases higher lead ingots used for rhodium waste. Generally, lead ingots do not need to be placed. The lead is left at the bottom of the layer and accounts for 5-20% of the total mass to prevent the smoothies from condensing at the bottom of the furnace. Then add lead slag to refining high-lead slag and low rhodium waste. In the lead slag, the grade of the oxidation slag is higher, and then soda ash is added; at the same time, fine coal and iron filings are added for retail, because the lead oxidation refining slag The rhodium waste content is very low.

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