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   Dingfeng company specializes in scrapping pure rhodium wire recycling price precious metals for 20 years, we have rich experience in testing, processing and purification. The price of high-purity rhodium metal powder recycling is the most have a say. According to my current method, when thiosulfate solution is used to treat waste materials containing a large amount of scrapped pure rhodium wire, in order to make my invention less than 1000cc. Adjust the 01 sodium cyanide solution to a pH value of 8-9 with the help of lime milk. Allow the mixture to stand for half an hour with stirring and good aeration of the solution. It can be dried. What I claim is a method for recovering high-purity rhodium metal powder from waste photographic materials. The photographic material contains a substance selected from silver and silver compounds. The method includes using a material containing alkaline cyanide and A solution with a pH greater than 7 leaches waste materials and separates. Thus, the silver-containing solution formed from the residual material, and the high-purity rhodium-containing metal powder solution is processed to recover the pure rhodium wire from it. 2 A method for recovering cost-effective silver from waste photographic materials, the photographic materials containing a substance selected from high-purity rhodium metal powder and silver compounds,

   the method comprising leaching the waste materials with an alkali metal cyanide solution of 0001 to 3 , And its pH value is 8 to 9, Johnson Matthey PGM separates the silver-containing solution so formed from the residual materials, and processes this high-purity rhodium-containing metal powder solution to recover valuable silver from it. 3 A method for recovering silver from silver-containing gelatin, including converting the gelatin into a swollen state, leaching the swollen gelatin with a solution containing 01 to 3 alkali metal cyanide and a pH value of 8 to 9 Separate. The high-purity rhodium-containing metal powder solution thus formed from the residual material, ruthenium valence, and such silver-containing solution for recov7 are processed from the residual material, and such scrap pure rhodium-containing wire solution is processed to recover price silver therefrom. Rhodium price claim does not have a picture. Silver recovery price method. Background Art In recent years, the trend of using thermal and photosensitive copy paper is increasing. Many of these papers are characterized by the surface coating containing silver, usually in the form of one of its solid organic acid salts. Such high-purity rhodium-containing metal powder copy paper may contain different amounts of silver. The silver content in such copy paper can range from 40 to 500 ounces or more troy ounces per ton of coated copy paper, that is, per 2,000 pounds. The amount of coated paper per ton is usually 50,200 troy ounces. This type of copy paper containing scrap pure rhodium silk is described in the prior art and subsequent U.S. patents. Pai is mentioned for illustrative purposes.

   As shown in these representative patents, this type of silver-containing copy paper is usually made by coating paper or other suitable copy paper with a silver organic acid salt, such as Sanhen, which is usually solid. Acid silver and reducing agents such as 34 dihydroxybenzoic acid have been mixed in resins or polymer film forming binders such as polystyrene resins. In the manufacture of such copy paper, a large amount of waste paper is generated, for example, waste paper due to manufacturing substandard products, and waste paper due to cutting and finishing operations. In order to recover the silver present in this waste paper, various methods such as pyrolysis have been adopted, but generally these methods are not suitable for the recovery of high-purity rhodium metal powder from waste paper economically and technically. The silver content in paper is less than 150 troy ounces per ton of waste paper. Therefore, price silver is usually not recycled, and waste paper is usually sold to paper dealers as waste paper. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION We have found a method by which, even at low silver content, for example, 40,100 troy ounces of silver per ton of waste paper, the silver that exists in such silver-containing waste paper can be economically recovered. In short, our process involves one of the following steps. If necessary, shred, shred or otherwise reduce waste paper to a controllable size. For example, PGM price fragments are less than 1 square inch; Form the water slurry of waste paper; 0 adjust the slurry by heating or by a combination of heating and chemical regulators, thereby converting the scrap pure rhodium filaments in the waste paper into another form that is immiscible with water, which can be very Easily convert it with alkali metal cyanide to silver cyanide;. The resulting conditioned slurry is separated into an aqueous phase and a water-immiscible phase, for example, paper Pp;e. The water-immiscible phase is treated with an alkali metal cyanide solution for a time sufficient to convert silver to silver cyanide. And F. Thereafter, the price silver is recovered from the silver cyanide formed in e by standard processing, for example, by zinc precipitation in the MerrillCrowe method. Step c, that is, the conditioning step and e, that is, the silver cyanide forming step may be performed sequentially as shown in the figure or may be performed simultaneously.



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