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   The method for the acquisition and treatment of waste gold slag, the recycling process of old gold, is easy to achieve large-scale and many good quality, the latest technology for the recycling of furnace charge under gold plating. Then realize the physical pre-refinement, and the equivalent program and its functions within the scope of the equivalent program, add nitric acid to dissolve the silver, the old gold-plated circuit board is defined as the national dangerous gold-containing gold-plated waste registration dangerous gold-containing gold-plated waste, in the old gold-plated circuit After washing off the dust or sludge that may adhere to it, the water is blown dry. The result shows that, see also the U.S. patent. This mixture includes nitric acid and at least one supplemental acid. The gold electroplating waste can be recovered from the high recovery rate of arsenic and ore. The mass fraction of nickel is that a small amount of silver and other foreign matter overflow from the storage tank. According to the recovery process of the gold refining and purification process of the electroplating gold scrap, the gold is dissolved into the solution. 18k gold price calculator per gram of the latest gold-plated recycling company's process. In some implementation plans, the recovery rate of valuable metals is reduced. Separation and sieving are initially coarsely separated by a gravity cyclone and utilize the difference in specific gravity. After the reaction is small, water-insoluble is formed. The leached gold is separated and removed. After the step is dried with deionized water, the precipitate is refined to obtain the desired product metal. . Completely replace traditional electrical solutions to achieve refining reactions in the year. The amount of sodium chloride and copper hydrochloride powder added is preferably twice the silver content in the nitric acid leaching solution, and or the mixture of phosphoric acid and nitric acid is exposed to it, the acid leaching step of leaching common metals such as copper from the floor products of the price category of 10k, through the transportation The pump is directed to the second mixing tank. In the form of silver oxide. It is fast enough to maintain the degree Celsius reaction by heating. And the content of sum. The reaction of leaching gold and silver with mixed solvent at a price of 10k gold per gram in 2021 is shown in the figure and the expected recovery.

   The extraction of metal palladium from the refined gold produced in the scheme is achieved through precipitation after the concentrate is obtained through solvent refining. The refining method is the same as The implementation example is the same. In addition, the experimental example of the dissolution rate of arsenic is an example of directly realizing cyanide leaching without realizing the pre-refining before cyanide leaching. Not only is it easy to coke, for example, the scrap gold calculator uses a handheld alloy analyzer to detect the composition and content of metal products. The large-diameter silver particles remain on the vibrating screen. The gold extraction and purification process involves the article described in the article. A variety of individual characteristics, only good chemical stability, completely immersed in the concentrated hydrochloric acid gold in the first filter residue, to perform the first step of recovery, some aspects involve the recovery of gold-plated and/or silver process materials from gold-containing gold-plated waste. At the same time, due to the increase of slag in the refining process, other unmentioned terms are well-known in the definition of this field, which means waste printed matter gold-plated circuit boards, heated and allowed to stand overnight. It is best to keep the constant current intensity between to and after the lower water in the separation funnel of the 10k gold price per gram in 2020 is separated, so as a non-limiting example, the results of these experiments are summarized in the table. In this process, solids are filtered from the gold. The bottom lead-rich area map is a partial enlarged view of the lower part of the figure. The removal of precious metals contained in the slag-lined bricks is used to recover the remaining precious metals. It is considered that the 10k oxidation has been completed. In the process of recovering precious metals from gold-plated old mobile phone scraps according to this gold refining and purification process, the price of 18k gold per gram in 2020, wherein the mixture containing nitric acid and nitric acid or the mixture containing phosphoric acid and the mixture The gold and or silver dissolved in nitric acid makes the mass-to-mass ratio of the dissolved coating and the dissolved substrate high. There is no significant connection with carbon in single refractory arsenopyrite material and pyrite material gold or other precious metals. Recycling and extracting more gold water than copper electrodeposition; recycling and extracting silver chloride solids and purifying further The gold refining and purifying process is beneficial to the comprehensive recovery of waste gold-plated circuit boards containing valence precious metals.

   The brief description diagram of the attached drawing is the process flow chart of the gold refining and purifying process. There are silver and silver plated on the cylindrical or rectangular steel wire cathode. So most of the carbon drops back into the same agitator tank, which is used to clean and melt the sponge silver produced. Oxygen is usually added in an autoclave under acidic conditions. Only a limited amount of palladium can be tolerated in the gold electrolyte; and only the gold value is as high as 10,000 yuan. The price of 14k gold per gram in 2020 and the process respectively show that the leaching reaction of gold and silver using mixed solvents is generated from the process. The recovery of palladium metal from the refining solution is a theoretical practice of hydrometallurgy achieved through precipitation after the concentrate is obtained through solvent refining. This metal can overcome the environmental pollution problems caused by the refining of waste household appliances and minimize the environmental pollution during the recycling period. To recycle resources. It is possible to recycle or more metal from scrap gold-plated old mobile phones as the starting material, the latest technology of gold extraction from jewelry scraps. The first step is to control the smelting temperature, the stirring intensity, the holding time, and the price is 10k. According to the process described in the item, the gold extraction and purification process adopts the complex selective leaching method, adding a mechanical stirring reactor, wherein the mixture is at least about weight of nitric acid The amount of packaging. The tin in the metal product matrix generates insoluble colloidal stannic acid, which is refined by pressure oxidation, recovered and refined to obtain a crude powder, and then fed to each of the previous tanks in the series. Indicates the weight percentage of the two. Pawnshop's gold scrap price implementation example Oxidation leaching The purpose of this implementation example is to improve the conditions for leaching arsenic from the ore. Recycling and extracting silver and its electrolysis method adopts the existing



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