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   Information on the recovery of rhodium from rhodium-plated copper wire, introduces the method of recovering gold and silver bars. At the same time, the dripping hydrogen peroxide completely melts it into a rhodium ash solution. After filtration, the residue is filtered with a sand core funnel and washed with distilled water to collect the filtrate. The rhodium chloride solution is cleaned by cation exchange resin, the refined rhodium chloride solution is concentrated and dried to obtain a refined filtrate, and high-purity rhodium chloride is again obtained. The results show that the total amount of impurity elements of rhodium chloride is equal to the calculated yield of rhodium that meets the prime number. This gold nugget recovery provides an easy way to separate rhodium from platinum and or palladium. A raw material containing rhodium and at least platinum and or palladium, thereby effectively recovering rhodium. How to buy gold and silver for investment. The method includes chlorinating raw materials containing rhodium and at least platinum and or palladium in a chlorine atmosphere, and obtaining a soluble salt of platinum and or palladium; immersing the chloride in water and dissolving platinum and or palladium into the solution Medium; filter the solution and leave the rhodium in the filtration residue of the solution. By mixing the residue with sodium chloride and calcining in chlorine, rhodium can be converted into a soluble sodium salt, and the price of rhodium-based catalyst is now recovered. And rhodium can be recovered by purifying and recovering sodium salt.

   The gold and silver relate to materials containing rhodium and at least raw material platinum and or palladium and rhodium, and the separation method of platinum and or palladium is simple. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The residue obtained by distilling selenium and recovering from copper electrolysis is hereinafter referred to as selenium distillation residue or waste residue. The platinum metal contained in rhodium, platinum palladium contains vapor sd gold bar rhodium, platinum palladium and other platinum metals Disposal is hereinafter referred to as waste disposal. The Japanese Patent Publication No. Patent Document, a method of recovering rhodium from rhodium and purifying platinum metal from platinum and palladium, discloses the following method. Sodium bromate is added to the solution, and the best place to buy gold and silver online is through the oxidation of ruthenium. After separation and distillation, an acidic acidic aqueous solution is prepared, and di-n-hexyl sulfide is used for solvent extraction of palladium, and gold and silver are purchased for the dummy. The gold and silver bar tributyl esters separated in platinum and iridium are used for solvent extraction. Patent Literature Japanese Patent Publication No. Rhodium, platinum palladium and other platinum metals are hardly soluble in inorganic acids that are generally used. Although chlorazinic acid or a mixed solution of strong oxidant and hydrochloric acid can dissolve platinum, palladium can not dissolve rhodium. If it is mixed with rhodium, platinum and palladium raw materials, the mixed solution of chlorazinic acid or strong oxidizing agent and hydrochloric acid will dissolve. Although platinum can be dissolved, palladium in contact with acid cannot dissolve rhodium. Therefore, it is difficult to effectively recover rhodium and platinum. , Palladium is mixed with rhodium and platinum-palladium raw materials, so it is difficult to effectively recover rhodium and platinum, selenium, tellurium and rhodium in gold and silver bars.

   Platinum and palladium have the method of adding sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrate and melting, SD gold bar leaching Patent Literature Japanese Patent Publication No. Platinum group elements are dissolved, hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid are added to the platinum group residue; chlorination volatilization is carried out in a chlorine atmosphere, selenium and tellurium are removed, sodium chlorate is added, and chlorinated roasting The platinum group element is converted into a soluble salt, and the water leaching and method Patent Document Japanese Patent No. Patent Publication Patent The platinum group element is dissolved, but all rhodium, platinum, and palladium are converted into an aqueous solution and mixed by these methods. Solvent extraction of rhodium solution containing high-density rhodium, platinum and palladium will cause the problem of poor separation efficiency of mutual contamination, and repeated solvent extraction will lead to increased costs. Therefore, in order to effectively recover rhodium, platinum and palladium need to be separated in advance with a simple method of aqueous solution. The processing purpose of this palladium, platinum and rhodium recovery is powdered materials, which contain higher rhodium than high-carbon ones. For example, the selenium distillation residue recovered from the gold and silver bars will distill selenium and produce it, thereby producing selenium distillation residue. The waste treatment after rhodium contains rhodium, platinum automobile exhaust catalyst palladium, platinum group metals, etc., are processed to become powdered below the meter. It is fried from distilled selenium copper electrolytic polishing raw materials, which can be directly as in the case, now sponge Platinum Recycling is looking for Hongchang. In the precious metal palladium, platinum and rhodium recovery part, the raw material of the molten rhodium treatment block garbage, which is better for platinum carbon recycling now. In the process of using a pre-crusher or hammer crusher, it is crushed to the particle size and below. In addition, if the raw material contains a large amount of moisture, water vapor will be released when the airflow is heated, which may temporarily reduce the chlorine potential or produce oxides, so it is best to fully dry it in advance