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   The sharing of the price of silver bar recycling, the method of recycling welding wire by merchants, and the dynamic sensor are described in more detail in the U.S. Patent. The number is entitled System and the latest recovery method of silver bars for sorting dissimilar materials using dynamic sensors. The entire contents of the year, month, and day are hereby incorporated in this article. The figure depicts a process flow diagram for concentrating wire and other metals according to an exemplary embodiment of the recycling and refining process of the present silver bar merchant. With reference to the drawing, the sizing waste is received in the step. The value of 1 kg silver bars can be, or a combination of these materials. The size of the material can be determined so that the size of most waste is usually millimeters or less. The wastes can be further separated so that the size of one waste stream is in the range of and the size of the other waste stream is in the range of 100%. After the step, the waste is sent to one of the two processing lines. In one embodiment, a waste stream of size up to 1 kg is sent to the pipeline to the step, and a waste stream of up to one kilogram in size is sent to the pipeline to the step. Or the production line can be the main processing line, in which all kilograms of silver ounces are processed by the production line as a backup line.

   If the production line to be maintained is shut down, or if the amount of material to be processed needs to ensure the operation of the two production lines, the backup production line can be used. In the step, the material is separated in an air separator. The 5kg silver bar or the classifier can be a closed-loop countercurrent system of commercial motor silver bars. System. A possible air separator is described in the US patent application serial number. The newest recycling method for equipment and silver bars titled uses air for the separated material, which is incorporated in its entirety by a 32-ounce silver bar reference. Other air separators can be used. Introduce air into the air inlet at the bottom of the unit. The waste to be separated is introduced into the system at the feed inlet near the top of the device. The intake air feeder may include a rotary valve to introduce material. The air from the air intake enters and enters the area of ??the plenum, where the air and waste interact with the waste as they fall through the plenum under the action of gravity. The air is pushed through the separator by a fan, such as a horsepower fan. The flow of air in the material will cause the lighter material to be entrained in the airflow, while the heavier material will fall through the air chamber. Generally in an air separation system, some light materials may still remain with heavy materials because the light materials are physically entangled with the heavy materials, and the force of the air is not enough to entrain the light materials. It can be optimized in many ways. This optimization can achieve high-efficiency separation of materials. The residence time should make the materials falling through the pressurized chamber under the action of gravity mix with the moving air, so as to maximize the light materials entrained in the air when moving upwards. In turn, this merchant’s 10% silver bar method.

   The process can maximize the amount of heavy materials, including copper wires and other metals required, that fall from the gas chamber. In other words, this increased residence time allows light and heavy materials to be more completely separated. In this step, other known air separators can be used, for example, similarly, in the step, an air separator is used to separate waste. In an alternative embodiment, the heavy fraction from the 10 kg silver bar or step can be separated. No further processing was shown using the air sieving step. In an air screen, the air passes through the material when it stays on the screen. During this process, the air entrains other lightweight materials, which are collected in the step. In the step, the light fraction of the silver kilogram bar from the air separator is collected, that is, the fraction entrained in the airflow. Usually this material that may account for the waste stream will be discarded. But for some waste streams, it can be further processed to recover any remaining metal. Starting with the cheapest silver rods per kilogram, the heavy fraction is processed in a vacuum pressure separator in the step. Including mesh sieves. The screen tilts and vibrates. With the vibration, air flows across the screen. The heavier material travels along the screen, while the lighter material travels down the screen. Collect heavy and light ends. In the step, the heavy fractions that may include the materials fed into the medium are collected for use in a method of recycling Henan silver bars. Step processing. Collect light ends in the step. Similarly starting from the step, the heavy fraction from the air is in the step, and the separator is treated in the middle. Collect heavy and light ends. Collect heavy fractions that may include materials fed into the process for further processing. In one embodiment, a 1 kg ounce silver bar is further separated into light fractions using an air separator in the step. In this embodiment, the heavy fraction obtained in the step is collected for further processing, and the light fraction is collected in the step. The process represents the enrichment system. The resulting metal concentrate can be further processed to increase the concentration of metals in the waste treatment product.