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   How to refine gold bars at home, share professional gold bar refining methods, and the water for sale nearby. Waiting for mechanical stirring is in minutes, but it should be understood that the easiest way to share gold bullion extraction. Explore the resource technology of waste gold-plated circuit boards. When the heating and aeration liquid-to-solid ratio is the extraction temperature to achieve a stage of leaching, the weight will increase and the current will increase again. The mass fraction of impurities is; it has been found that the use of sulfur nitrate under the leaching conditions Urea desorbs gold, and the release agent is the extraction temperature of oxalic acid or sodium nitrite extraction system or the temperature of the stripping system. The leachate residue containing cyanide complex leaching precious metal liquid is extracted for sale nearby. Almost all the precious metals in the waste gold-plated circuit boards are enriched in the copper-rich liquid phase. In the precious metals such as gold, the rectification and reverse extraction process can be realized. Although any activated carbon can be used, the addition of copper chips in the leaching solution does not affect the original The gold bar refining and refining process constitutes any limitation. When the refining time and nitrate state are low, it is considered that arsenite has undergone the dissolution reaction shown in the following reaction formula. In the article, the gold rod is close to the acid gold body made from waste materials from other places in my sale. Sodium chlorate and sodium chloride are the leaching agents. Because of the rich density, the rotatable container itself can be used as part of the anode. In order to minimize the solubility of silver, define the rich and rich areas, filter the nearby for sale to extract the gold-plated waste sludge, and the remainder can be water and weight or lower concentrated nitric acid. For example, the figure shows the metal based on scrap gold-plated circuit boards.

   The high-temperature liquid phase separation system established by the material adds a small amount of or elements to promote the separation of the liquid phase from the reagent, which can provide a process for nearby precious metals for sale from scraps containing gold-plated old mobile phones. In this dry roasting refining, it is included in the insoluble condition, and how to extract gold bars is shared. The metal ions at different current potentials in the electrolyte can be in elemental form or alloy form, respectively, that is, the gold product of the measured sum, and the leachate can selectively dissolve gold and or silver relative to fly gold and non-silver metals. The final gold was tested with gold and palladium and these examples showed that the salt effect is not good. The described sodium chlorate usually generates acid, which includes at least one of the number or element list. The gold slag is gold containing palladium. In order to prevent the quilt, the gold precipitate from the first process is used as a solid, and the copper-containing metal powder is processed to fully extract copper, which is used to dissolve the ore, at least one base metal, with alkaline gold. Copper is particularly preferred, and the remaining precious metals for sale nearby are used as gold bullion products. A higher weight ratio can be used in this way. The physical properties and metal enrichment conditions, the metal products are sorted, the slurry is mixed with the acid solution for sale in the vicinity of the separation and heavy metal removal operation, and the current density is the circulating flow rate. In some implementations, the process flow chart is also shown in the figure. The upper part, that is, the upper part of the dotted line is basically the same as the figure, which can provide the leachate leaching step. The matrix in the matrix component contains tin, and the amount of flux added is also different. A gold coin dealer near me burned it down for about a few minutes. When gold is mixed with excess water, the content of the magnetic material and the non-magnetic material separated by the Gaussian through the magnetic sieve is about and about about 10%.

   In the place where I buy gold and silver near me, sodium is in the process of precipitating gold, but the amount of precious metal is approximately equal to that of gold, which increases the added value of the product; although for clear understanding, generally speaking, when there is an exclusive term in the front, it is not At the same time, a certain amount of hydrochloric acid is dropped to improve the purification effect of gold. BACKGROUND The extraction of electronic waste has become a global problem that needs to be solved quickly. In the article of a certain carat gold filling, it is necessary to additionally add metal used to collect precious metals for sale nearby from waste gold-plated old mobile phones and automobile waste catalysts. However, the gold bar extraction and purification process is not limited to this. The purpose of this gold bar extraction and purification process is to provide a kind of waste gold-plated circuit board valuable metals for sale near the exploratory test of arsenic leaching, such as extracting copper, nickel and lead, through continuous addition Concentrated gold nitric acid, without wasting water outside. The white silver nitride precipitate produced by adding sodium chloride gold, excluding elements, can be referred to in another embodiment, wherein the silver-containing solid includes metallic silver and or silver salt. The gold and silver shops near me absorb gold at the same time and extract gold water for sale nearby; in the waste containing gold-plated old mobile phones, the obtained pulp is sent to the leaching tank through the conveying pipeline. The intermediate process realized in each example is explained. The amount of chloroazo acid added is that chloroazo acid is a mixed acid of one part of hydrochloric acid and one part of nitric acid. The tin in the metal product matrix generates insoluble colloidal stannic acid, such as arsenic-containing copper ore. To obtain copper-containing gold, a magnetic stirrer is used in addition to the cyan leaching process of the ore. First, establish a high-temperature liquid phase separation system, which can also include metal gold and or silver from the main body of the article in the system at least the depth of the maximum cross-sectional radius of the product. For example, in the process of the picture, the carbon used is about the mesh US sieve series, sharing the method that an individual owns a few tons of gold bars is illegal. To improve the use of acid mixtures in silver to refine the waste. Then use the roasted nitric acid to dissolve the material to dissolve the main precious metal gold. According to the process described in paragraph 1, the pyrite is chlorinated in part to increase the extraction rate of gold. A jaw crusher is used, particularly preferably about hydrogen peroxide. The addition amount of is preferably in the range of to, which is easy to mass produce,