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The interactive historical chart of the palladium bar price chart. The palladium bar price chart and analysis are simple: the interactive chart of the daily historical palladium bar price dating back to 1987. The prices shown are in US dollars per troy ounce. As of June 18, 2020, the current price of gold bars sold is $1,908.60 per ounce. The palladium bar retraced US$44.51 or 1.81%, hitting US$2,413.84 per ounce, gold rose US$9.30 or 0.60%, advanced US$1,572 per ounce, and silver rose 27.8 cents or 1.56% to US$18.052 per ounce. Since the end of 2018, the value of palladium bars, mainly used in the automotive sector, has surpassed that of gold. In addition, the price difference between palladium and palladium has been increasing. In the middle of this month, the price of palladium bars exceeded the price difference with gold by $800 per ounce. In the latest report of the CFTC, speculative traders informed them that their net positions have been reduced by 2.05%, from 11,577 positions in the previous week to 11,340. On the other hand, in the same report, market participants in the highest palladium price informed that short positions increased by 11.37%, while long positions only increased by 2.15%.

   Therefore, with this increase, institutional traders hold 75.92% of their positions on the long side. The latest news of international palladium bars. Technical overview. The logarithmic scale weekly chart of palladium bars exposed its price increase. It looks like the fifth extended wave, reaching the highest level this week at 2,531.10 US dollars per ounce. According to the Elliott wave theory, if price action soars above the upper line of the ascending channel, the extension wave may reach its top. The ascending channel is projected to the third line from a line connecting the ends of the second and fourth waves Formed by the top of the wave (see Exhibit 04). In the palladium bar chart, the price of this precious metal may produce a correction sequence that will become a secondary wave marked in green4. This action should give way to sub-wave level 5. The end of this wave is marked as 5 in green, and the fifth intermediate wave marked as (5) in blue should be completed. On the one hand, palladium bar futures traders are increasing their short positions. Similarly, palladium is used to do the fourth wave movement with a moderate degree of fifth wave and a minor degree. All in all, our short-term view of the palladium bar is still optimistic about the palladium bar. However, in the long run, our bias has changed from bullish to neutral. Why is the palladium bar market important to traders?

   Palladium bar price chart and analysts pointed out: Palladium is a silver-white luster metal element. Together with platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, and iridium, it forms PGM or platinum group metals. PGM is very rare. According to geological surveys, the team only occupies 0.0005 parts per million of the earth's crust. Six metals including platinum group metals are highly evaluated for their excellent catalytic properties. British chemist William Hyde Wollaston (William Hyde Wollaston) was the first to discover palladium in 1803. The malleable shiny elements soon became popular in jewelry production. The sale of platinum bars With the advent of modern emission standards for the automotive industry, palladium has been transformed from a precious metal to a necessity, thereby preventing air pollution. Since 1989, palladium rods have been mainly used in automobile catalytic converters, which capture harmful emissions when the engine burns fuel. Of the 208,000 kilograms of palladium mined each year, car manufacturers use more than 75% of the energy. Palladium's abnormal ability to absorb hydrogen (900 times higher than its own capacity) makes it extremely valuable for the nuclear industry. The above is the palladium bar price chart and analysis-the full text of the latest international palladium bar news, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!