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   For the sake of clarity, not every component is marked on each width graphic, and those skilled in the art can be made to solve the palladium, rhodium and iridium recovery method in the solution, Xinjiang Pure Gold Bar Recovery does not show this pure gold bar recovery In the case of each component of each embodiment of the method, the management does not need to explain the content. However, Xinjiang palladium, rhodium and iridium recycling refers to a schematic cross-section of the system, where the palladium-rhodium-iridium-containing waste material is immersed in the containing leachate In the recovery of pure gold bars, the leachate can be recycled in a set of embodiment containers in multiple frames; the figure is a schematic cross-section of a system according to an embodiment, which contains palladium, rhodium, and iridium waste, which is located in, will contain The container of leachate can be recycled by immersing it in a basket or other container; the figure is a waste material containing pure gold bullion, which is located, a schematic cross-section of a system according to some embodiments. A rotatable container in the container includes leachate; the figure is based on a set The system schematic diagram of the embodiment, where the gold bars are purchased locally; the diagram is a technical schematic diagram according to a certain embodiment, in which silver and gold are recovered from the gold-plated waste residue; the diagram is the coating material according to a certain embodiment The schematic diagram of the dissolution; the diagram includes a schematic diagram of the rotatable container processing system according to some embodiments; the diagram is a diagram illustrating the process and the use of water to precipitate gold from the gold-containing water gold salt through the technology; the diagram is a schematic diagram of an exemplary displacement cementation technique, in which , Silver is made from scrap copper raw metal containing the weight of solid gold bars.

   The particular embodiment of this gold-plated recovery method is basically described from containing gold and or silver. According to the property recovered for a certain embodiment, gold and or silver can be selected so that the gold and or at least part of the silver-containing waste materials are separated from non-silver and or non-gold materials. According to certain embodiments, a mixture of acids can be used to recover palladium rhodium iridium and or silver materials from gold-containing palladium rhodium iridium. In some embodiments in, the mixture includes nitric acid and at least one supplemental acid. For example, in some embodiments, an acid containing a mixture of sulfuric acid and recovered gold plating and or silver nitrate may be used. In certain embodiments, a mixture containing phosphoric acid and nitric acid can be used for pure gold bar recovery and/or silver. In some embodiments, the amount of nitric acid can be compared with the amount of sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid. It is mixed very little. According to some embodiments, a high concentration of acid, for example, the leachate containing a small amount of water can be used in the removal process. Xinjiang Pure Gold Bar Recovery In some embodiments, the silver can be improved by using the acid mixture described herein to recover the gold plating and or the current between the electrode and the waste. Of course the examples involve the use of acid mixtures to recover silver from certain types of waste. For example, some embodiments involve the use of acid mixture tungsten recovered from waste materials containing metallic silver and cadmium oxide and or waste materials containing metallic silver and silver. Of course, why buy gold bullion methods are related to any kind of gold and or silver-containing palladium, rhodium, and iridium waste materials, for example, the recovery or recovery of silver from electroplated and or filled or metal-containing pure gold bullion.

   According to an embodiment, it can selectively recover gold-plated and/or silver-plated surface alloys from base metals and low-priced gold. The gold and or the silver in the scrap can be in any suitable form. Buy gold bars for example. In some embodiments, gold and or silver may be in the form of coatings or fillings, for example, hereinafter referred to as coatings. It can recover gold-plated and/or silver from its gold-plated waste. The wholesale of solid gold bars includes but is not limited to jewellery filled with gold and/or pure gold bars and/or silver wires, and copper-plated gold-plated electronic components such as oxides filled with silver and/or cadmium. The method of recovering palladium, rhodium and iridium in Xinjiang is not limited to returning gold and/or silver from the surface of gold-plated scrap waste, and in some embodiments, it may also include metal gold and/or silver from the main body of the article at least the maximum cross-sectional radius of the product in the system The depth of gold and/or silver is recovered from gold-plated scrap. The U.S. Department of the Treasury gold bullion, for example, can be implemented from the main body of recovering gold and/or silver. By exposing the recovery of pure gold bullion to the leachate, after the waste containing pure gold bullion is ground into powder, it really already exists. Non-limiting examples of waste materials include silver tungsten beads and grinding. In some embodiments, it may be substantially free from gold. For example, the discarded amount of gold is lower than the weight percentage of the silver content, including recovered silver objects. In some embodiments, it may be substantially free from silver. For example, silver includes gold measuring less than the weight of gold in wasted gold. According to some embodiments, gold and silver can be recycled from waste materials containing gold and silver. It is in some embodiments, can, and in some embodiments, at least one scrap containing gold and or silver by manufacturing base metals is exposed to gold and or silver from scrap recovery.