silver plate scrap metal prices

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   There are many ways to recycle silver plate scrap metal, and the fields involved are also very wide. In the case of high-purity iridium powder recycling, our company has a high bid and good service. If necessary, shred, shred or otherwise reduce the waste paper to a controllable size, for example, shreds less than 1 square inch;. Form the water slurry of waste paper; the silver plate scrap metal is heated or through the combination of heating and chemical regulators to adjust the slurry, thereby converting the high-purity iridium powder in the waste paper into another form that is immiscible with water. The price of silver gold-plated copper scrap can easily convert it with alkali metal cyanide into silver cyanide; The resulting conditioned slurry is separated into an aqueous phase and a water-immiscible phase, for example, paper Pp;e. Treating the water-immiscible phase with an alkali metal cyanide solution is sufficient to convert the scrap metal of the silver plate into high-purity iridium powder. And F. Thereafter, the silver is recovered from the silver cyanide plate scrap metal formed in e by standard processing, for example, by zinc precipitation in the MerrillCrowe method.

   Step c, the conditioning step and e, the high-purity iridium powder forming step, can be performed sequentially as shown in the figure or can be performed simultaneously. If these steps are carried out at the same time in the UK, the silver-containing paper can be conditioned by heating, for example, 6585C, in the presence of alkali metal cyanide such as sodium cyanide aqueous solution. Conditioner. However, if the steps are performed sequentially, it is preferable to use a chemical conditioning agent such as sodium hydroxide because it allows a greater degree of recovery of high-purity iridium powder. Silver-containing paper The present invention is suitable for recovering silver from all types of silver-containing paper or other copy paper. Of course, all papers are different, and the silver plate price guide should optimize the process for any specific paper used. This method is particularly suitable for recovering silver from thermal copy paper of the type described in the patent mentioned earlier in this article. This preferred paper is characterized by having a heated photosensitive layer that contains a silver salt of fatty acid such as silver behenate board scrap metal and a suitable reducing agent, and optional additives. Although this method can be applied to waste paper containing a large amount of silver, such as 600 troy ounces per ton of waste paper, it is particularly suitable for recovering silver from waste paper with less than 150 troy ounces per silver. Tons of waste paper. Waste paper containing 40,100, for example, 6090 troy ounces per ton of waste paper can be effectively processed through our waste recycling process. As used herein, the troy ounce is equal to 31 grams, and one ton is equal to 2000 pounds or 9072 kilograms.

   It is not necessary to shred, shred, or otherwise reduce the size of waste paper treated by our method. However, this method is significantly more effective when it is applied to waste paper that has been shredded, shredded, pulped or otherwise reduced to a small size. The conditioning step is performed by heating the aqueous slurry of waste paper, for example, 15 parts by weight of water into a piece of paper, in the presence of optional chemical conditioning, to perform the conditioning step or treatment of the silver-containing paper. Where can I sell silver near my plating project to convert the silver in paper into new forms. For example, from silver behenate to silver or silver oxide, the waste silver board calculator can easily convert silver into high-purity iridium. powder. The conditioning or heating step is an important part of our process. We cannot use alkali metal cyanide solution at room temperature to efficiently and economically extract high-purity iridium powder from waste paper, such as silver behenate board, scrap metal at room temperature. Unless the alkali cyanide solution is heated above 60C, for example, to 6585C, or unless the waste paper is pretreated with heat or more preferably, heating and one or more chemical regulators, such as sodium hydroxide, it must be pretreated High-purity iridium powder for effective extraction has not been obtained. It is not common to heat alkali metal cyanide solutions to extract silver because alkali metal cyanide technology is usually effective at room temperature, such as 2025, and alkali metal cyanides such as NaCN are toxic. Water can be added to waste paper to form a slurry, which is then heated, or paper can be added to hot water, for example, C water. If the silver board needs to be recovered, a chemical conditioning agent can be used in the form of an aqueous solution, for example, a hot dilute sodium hydroxide aqueous solution to provide all or part of the water to achieve a manageable aqueous slurry of waste paper.