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   This article mainly discusses the development of rhodium sulfate online purchase rhodium channels, introduces the method of sharing rhodium powder from rhodium water, and implements the prospects for the development prospects of online rhodium purchase rhodium. The purchase of rhodium British water mainly comes from waste residues from automobile exhaust, petroleum industry, glass fiber industry, and plating. The separation and extraction process of rhodium is relatively complicated, and the process of regenerating rhodium-containing waste residues online purchase rhodium is long and requires high technological prerequisites. According to the different forms and properties of rhodium-containing waste slag, the process of online purchase of rhodium varies. Rhodium coin apmex online purchase of rhodium can be divided into two categories: wet method and fire method. Wet-process rhodium powder includes extraction method, precipitation method, oxidative distillation method, washing method, adsorption separation method, chemical activation method, etc. The rhodium powder method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

   It is necessary to use different methods to purchase rhodium online according to different wastes, combine several process methods to implement online rhodium purchase or improve methods and create new methods, so that China precious metals can purchase online The rhodium rate is increased. At present, the rhodium used in industry is mainly supported by activated carbon, alumina, etc., and some soluble homogeneous phases. The purchase of Indian rhodium contains a large amount of insoluble solid organic phosphine sulfur impurities, which restricts the separation and precipitation of rhodium. If it is not removed, it will be difficult to implement the rhodium powder process. Therefore, the waste must be pretreated first. Mix the rhodium water with the basic compound of the element or group element, roast it at high temperature to remove the organic matter and carbon deposit on the surface, then add inorganic acid and oxidant for digestion, and adjust the solution value with alkali through the channel of online rhodium purchase for rhodium powder to obtain hydrated oxidation The rhodium is precipitated and dissolved in hydrochloric acid to obtain a rhodium iodide solution. The base metal impurities are removed by an ion exchange resin. The rhodium pattern is recrystallized to obtain a high-purity hydrated rhodium rhodium iodide.

   Zhang Baoying and others have carried out a detailed study on the pretreatment process of rhodium water online purchase rhodium, by mixing quantitative rhodium water and quantitative additives in a crucible uniformly, roasting in a resistance furnace under the premise of a certain programmed temperature, after cooling The roasting residue is ground to obtain rhodium slag, and the obtained rhodium slag is dissolved in hydrochloric acid, and the online rhodium purchase rate of rhodium water can reach a certain procedure. The precipitation method is a classic method for purifying rhodium, which uses hydrolytic precipitation or chemical reagents to precipitate rhodium powder. How to buy rhodium inventory First concentrate the deactivated rhodium by oxidative distillation to make the mass fraction of rhodium one gram, and then carry out the precipitation reaction. The washing method is mainly aimed at a method of inactivation of rhodium caused by external poisoning. This method is to remove the poisoning material, so that the increased activity will not activate the internal inactivation of rhodium iodide online. A substance is added to the inactivation solution to react with the poisoning substance, thereby removing the substance. For example, acid-induced poisoning is mainly washed with alkali. The alkali can be alkali metal hydroxide, alkaline earth metal hydroxide, ammonia tertiary alkanolamine, etc., wash with 1 gram of rhodium rod and then wash with water to remove excess alkali.

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